Gentle Flow Yoga

Gentle Flow Yoga

6 Episodes

Gentle yoga series, try your yoga in a park, or on a chair. discover that you can take yoga with you on vacation or do it in the comfort of your own garden. This series is designed to help anyone gain in flexibility or strength without troubling injuries.

Gentle Flow Yoga
  • Gentle Yoga Flow 1

    Episode 1

    Elizabeth DeRaad in a gentle yoga sequence that stretches the back, legs, and shoulders. You may need props for portions of this practice.

  • Chair Yoga 1 - Leg Stretching on the Back

    Yoga teacher Elizabeth DeRaad has taken her practice to a park, today. She has a chair, strap and block with her and is ready to rest and stretch under the shade of this tree, in the last morning light. The sequence is easy and from a Gentle Yoga Class that she teaches. This sequence will be g...

  • Shoulder Series 1

    Episode 3

  • Castle Park - Low Back Stretching and Strengthening

    Episode 4

    work on opening the low spine and then strengthen that area with stronger postures

  • Gentle Yoga Trailer

  • Castle Park - Gentle Seated Yoga

    Episode 1

    Elizabeth DeRaad takes you through a gentle sequence that is focused on the upper body. This sequence will open the shoulders and neck, loosen up the whole spine in only 9 min.